Pressemitteilung der Robert-Bosch-Stiftung: Award program offers grants to journalists for cross-border research projects

Dear   Björn Hensel,
Are you a reporter who wants to dig deeper and take the road less travelled? W?ho insists on exploring countries in ways they haven’t been seen before?   We support journalists committed to in-depth research and cross-border investigation. Reporters who want to step away from the mainstream and break new ground.   Our Fellowship program promotes high-quality research projects in more than 25 countries in Europe. We offer bi-annual grants of up to 5.000 € to journalists for cross-border travel to pursue detailed research for an original news or feature story of their choice. No age limit applies. The program is offered by Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with the Berlin School of Journalism.     The next deadline for applications is October 2, 2015.
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Journalists or reporter teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to apply with story ideas based in the non-German speaking program countries. Vice versa, reporters from the non-German speaking program countries are invited to propose research for stories based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Do you know colleagues or other journalists who may also be interested in our program? Please support them and pass this mail on to them. Thank you!   Looking forward to hearing from you!
Eva-Maria McCormack Head of Program “Reporters in the Field” Berlin School of Journalism Tel.: +49 30 2327 6004

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